0 - 1999 - 2 Matic

2000 - 3999 - 4 Matic

4000 - 5999 - 8 Matic

6000 - 7999 - 16 Matic

8000 - 10101 - 32 Matic




This is 2069. Human’s greed to control over all the other beings has turned against themselves. The sweet-little pets, Flamingos have turned against their masters. These powerful Flamingos are taking over humankind, by evicting them to dark side of the moon. Like human, these greedy Flamingos adore gold and wear them to show off their social status and enjoy good vibes. After taking control, the union got their first fight and that destroyed the unity in flamingos. They are now divided into gangs who are dangerous, greedy and rich... Every Flamingo wants more, more & more. Do You ready to provide Your Flamingo in the Flamingo Punk Wars and grab some money, position & fame?

Flamingo Punks is an NFT game project built on the Polygon ERC-721 standard. Every Flamingo can fight in the battle, staking of the Flamingo Coins, or win great rewards for the best warrior in the monthly ranking! 10,101 Flamingos were created from over +80 different traits! Everyone is unique, has their own stats, attributes or look! The gold one & 10 levels are rarest! The bigger level has a better chance to win in battle! Try now!

It is an official extension of the Flamingo Mafia Family collection. These Flamingo Punks can be minted for a symbolic price of 2 Matic. The project contains its own rarity system. There are 241 legendary golden punks & 640 rare silvers. Every Punk has a unique skill set, with only a few level 9s & 10s! Scroll down if You want to see our roadmap! Visit the Flamingo Mafia Family website to grab info about rest parts of Flamingo universe!







Punks minted! This dope collection is pushed to the Polygon Blockchain. Its metadata is revealed and as soon you buy them, the Punk is visible in the Opensea market!

To stabilise the world ecomony, punks have decided to create their own currency. Every punk can earn Flamingo Coin by staking it. Want to know more? Check the official website for Flamingo Coin



Flamingo war just begun! Choose Your warrior, bet Flamingo Coin or Matic and win some coins! Every flamingo can attack only once in 24hrs. Higher the punk level, better your chances of winning. If you want to attack more than once, you can recover your punks using the flamingo coins.

Flamingo war rankings!!! The best warrior over a period of one month or on special events will get rewards. A bag of matics, special NFTs and more are at stake. Do your best to win all of them.



100 random holders will get Flamingo Mafia Family NFT token. Flamingo Mafia Family is a collection of 10,101 badass Flamingos. It's the main collection with very rich and long-term roadmap.

100 of random holders will get a golden egg. Eggs will be revealed to the main Flamingo Mafia Family opponents collection.



Flamingo Punk holders can play all the Flamingo Games (PlayToEarn) and are whitelisted automatically for the opponents mint. Rarity tool will be introduced to check how rare your punk is. Holders will have the possibility to download their NFTs without the background.




Gold - 241

Silver - 640


Don Flamingo - The mastermind behind the creation of Flamingo Mafia Family project. He's been into cryptocurrency since 2017, its when he deep dived into the bitcoin ocean and never looked back again. A multi-talented individual who is a software engineer by profession and Marketing expert for the Flamingos. He is passionate about new technologies and that's how the Flamingo Mafia came into existence in the NFT world. A believer of healthy life and a follower of keto, he likes to listen good music and feel the rhythm

Mink - Artist & designer. Talented tattoo artist, who loved the digital, crypto world. He has drawn a few very impressive collections. In private lovely dad, a fan of sushi & a very good guy. Check his Instagram to see, how looks his art!

Bilal - the Community Wizard, throw him in a Club and he can gather up some folks and get it started. He is heading our Community operations, go say Hi to him in our Discord and He will get you Motivated for life.