Flamingo Coin

Main currency in the Flamingo universe. Total supply is equal to 5.000.000. What’s a reason of keeping that amount of tokens? Anti-inflation approach. FC will have a lot of usages in the Flamingo universe…

How You can use token?

1. Flamingo Punk recovery, after battle every Punk must rest for 24h. Regenerate Your Punk instantly by Flamingo Coin
2. Mint the next Flamingo universe project
3. Future Flamingo Mafia games currency
4. QuickSwap – $MATIC - $FC pair

How to get Flamingo Coin

1. Punk staking, 1 punk by every 24h can get 1 $FC
2. Buy it on the QuickSwap
3. Win in the Flamingo games


1. Staking – 3.000.000
2. Rewards – 1.000.000
3. Don Flamingo – 1.000.000